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Monday, October 31, 2005

rosa duerme

tener un compu enfermo es la mierda!
eso de compartir tiempo en una maquina con un marido igual de adicto al internet que uno es mal negocio.

J duerme...
tengo tiempo pa' mi..
tanto que hacer..
lavar platos.
lavar ropa
limpiar cocina
recoger mugre
terminarle el disfraz a mi rosa
buscar trabajo
mejor sigo navegando.... a ver que encuentro hoy...

el website del momento es uno de una ilustradora colombiana amiga de Marce... super bonito... como un recuerdo de infancia con sabor a sentimiento de globo reventado.. se llama Maria Isabel Arango ...tambien me encontre un site de unos juguetes japoneses que me tienen mas antojada.....

noche de brujas

...although not that many witches to be seen yesterday around the neighbourhood.....finally managed to stick some ears on one of Rosa's hats.... a she yoda! we would like to think... and in fairness people seemed to have got it. Anthony and Aoifa as Flash and The Human Torch and this adorable little Dorothy.

During my college years Halloween provided the wildest of parties.... parenthood promises a lot of candy....


Se llego el Halloween y heme aqui considerando la posibilidad de pegarle par orejas a uno de los gorros de la rosa....

vamos a ver como me quedan....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

the einstein dilemma

To buy or not to buy the baby einstein DVD's. Huge dilemma. ;)
Never actually seen one of them. They sound like the cast a spell on babies, allowing mommies a little bit of quiet time. I wonder.... urban baby responses can be so radical ......I tried getting one out of the NYPL, but there are no DVD copies available yet....I don't know.... there is something not quite right about sitting a baby in front of the tv......deliberately.
Having said that, The Muppets and Sesame Street are among my fondest memories of childhood, and I don't remeber being indoors that often. Specially because where I come from winter does not happen.
If I decide to buy or borrow one I will cvertainly post my impressions....


I think I am coming down with a cold.
I think no- I AM.
espero que no se le pegue a Rose.

pretty in pink

ehh.. not quite..

We are officially tired of pink clothes...
Please, Rosa is a girl but she is allowed to wear blue, and green and yellow.. even purple for a change, please!

It is very, very generous of all of you to send us presents, five months later, but she looks so pretty in brown...and dark green.. just like her da'.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

strolling away....

A friend of mine sent me a fun article on strollers today. Daddies would most certainly enjoy it.

Thanks Simon!

living in spanglish

Even though I have not made an entry since I joined, I have not stopped thinking about “blogging”, it's meaning, intention and possibilities. However, an important matter remains unsolved in my head, and that is whether to write in español or en ingles. I guess my head is set to “English” mode, yet, cuando empiezo a escribir, Spanish pops up in the middle of my sentences interrupting my thoughts. Some things simply sound better in Spanish, the same way that others sound better in English. En español, for example, there ain’t no word for cool, nor does the word poder seem as powerful as PoWer! En ingles, words do not have gender; although this may seem like a matter de ninguna trascendencia for those who do not appreciate the fun in bending the gender in words.

Anyway, my point here is not to talk about what cannot be translated, but rather to point out why Spanish gets leaked into this blurb. I feel for our dear daughter, now 4 months old, who will be brought up listening to sentences such as: Amor, can you please get me un vaso de agua from la nevera, porfa?

I wonder if this will:
A) help her to understand the complexities of language better
B) help her appreciate both her parents different cultures
C) will only slow down her “learning to talk” process.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that I can’t seem to function exclusively in one language. Nevera and congelador seem much more straightforward to me than fridge and freezer, which I never seem to get right and drives dear husband crazy.

There are however, some attempts to incorporate English words into Spanish. Note how I use the word incorporate as opposed to translate. The result: simply hilarious.

Beef Steak = bisté
wire = guaya
watching man = guachiman
wipe(y) = guaipe
leaking = liquiando
freezing = frizando

Please feel free to add to the list.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

hanging out

i love hanging out with J & Rosa. This pic was taken on our way to the consulate. Rosa holds three different passports. Increible, pero cierto. Aqui estamos enfrente de la casa de Niamh & Billy on Mercer St.

my first input

Saturday. Raining. Dull day. Cozier indoors. Rosa duerme.