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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas cactus

It seems that christmas is upon us.... our christmas cactus is blooming beautifully....

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I went quilting today to The City Quilter and had a great time.... I met a very nice woman who is working on a quilt for her son... a gorgeous quilt that has little sheep, cows, horses and a barn... so cute... she wants to start a quilting club in her house in Brooklyn. I am all on for that.... as soon as I sort out what to do with Rosa when I want time off for myself. I also need to start working on Libélula or it is never going to take off.....

I guess for the time being I should be glad that I had a couple of hours for myself and that I could get loads done on my quilt. I am planning on giving it to my mom for Christmas.... let's see how far I get.....

Friday, November 25, 2005


This year Thanksgiving seemed to have arrived sooner than expected. No snow this year… no piercing cold, at least not in NYC.

We went to visit J's cousins up in Rye and it was great fun. Rosa had a great time in the company of all her little cousins… I took some cute pictures… It was great being in a house, a grown-up house with a proper living room, a proper kitchen, and even a guest bedroom…. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever have those things…. I am certainly not ready for the suburbs, not that I think I will ever be, but I am certainly ready to trade our futon for a nice proper couch and I am most certainly ready for a full wham-bam-thank-you-mam-of-a-dishwasher!

Anyway, the turkey was great and the stuffing was even better. Yum! I did not overeat though. I have been very good. I need to get rid of the post-pregnancy-pounds, I desperately need to fit back in my jeans. There is no way I can survive this winter without them and there is no way I am going to go on wearing the pregnancy ones…. Oh lord!

Monday, November 21, 2005


I have been away for quite a while I know. I was sick. Very sick and very busy trying to finish a quilt that I want to give to my mum for Christmas. I feel much better now, but after I put Rosa to bed I feel knackered, I have no brains left to attempt to write anything, therefore I prefer to sit down and sew while watching our latest TV show on Netflix……these days it’s either Survivor or The L Word….

Saturday, November 12, 2005

when you are a mom

other mom's check you out. ...

it's actually David Bowie signing "when you are a boy" ... but it applies to motherhood so well. I have exchanged several knowing glances with a few mommies already. Surprisingly though, I have noticed that some of these glances are not that friendly....

These glances can mean a couple of things... I can identify the following:
wow, cute baby
cool sling
i like your boots
hmmm...she hasn't lost the weight...
mami or sitter?
cute daddy (although I am not the one being "checked out" in this case)
i wonder how old her baby is?

what exactly is it that we are looking for in other women carrying around their precious bundles in their buggies or their baby carriers, I have yet to determine... in any case mommies are on the look!

Friday, November 11, 2005

heading south

The idea of spending christmas here was killing me. I cannot imagine us three, encerrados, in our apartment, freezing to death with no christmas tree to decorate.....Miami is still not ideal, but infinately much better than the idea or ordering from Bubby's and fighting with the boiler.

I am thrilled. FL.. here we come!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

lunch with the ladies

So I finally gave in to the idea of befriending other mommies in the community. At first, it seemed a bit fake, I mean, the whole idea of making friends with someone with whom the only thing you have in common is being a new and lonely mom... that's how I felt until last week when I bumped into a couple of them in the park... I had previously shared jolly chats with a couple of them while we were still wobbling and getting loads of sleep.

We went out for lunch at Beechwood and it was great fun. I was a bit disappointed at how unaccommodating some restaurants and personnel can be when they see a group of mommies coming in with their strollers. Anyway, my Rosa behaved like a darling, no tears, no cranky mood, all smiles…all the babies behaved well, some cried a little, but I realized that mothers are the only ones who think their babies are being loud. One of them was mortified when her ‘bundle of joy’ erupted in cries…. she thought he was being too loud… we could barely hear him, he blended in with the music and the other restaurant sounds ….

It was fun. I learned that I had more things in common with these fine ladies than I thought I did. Sometimes I wonder if I was to move back to Dublin or Bogotá, if I would find an environment as conducive as this one for to this kind of activities… I am happy we got together.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

banana popo

Rosa comio banano por primera vez el Miercoles. No le gusto mucho, me toco combinarselo con el cereal de arroz al que ya le tiene el tirito y le encanta... La gorda acabo con el menjurge, banano y todo..

Pero a la hora de cambiarle el panal, oh sorpresa! funky poop! de todos los olores y colores.. me toco consultar en urban baby y todo...

No se donde lei que una artista/mama inglesa en los setentas.. guardo los panales sucios de su hija, y los enmarco luego de disectar el popo e identificar los trozos de comida..... mi fascinacion con el popo de Rosa es algo similar. Queria poner una foto aqui de el susodicho panal, pero, me dio cagada.

Igual, creo que voy a guardar un archivo.

tap your shoes twice..

I can't help it. I love buying for Rosa.... yesterday I found this adorable pair of shoes and I could not resist. I can't wait to see her in them. :)

Friday, November 04, 2005

l i b e l u l a shopping

A girl I know from Cali, owns a beautiful baby store called Yoya they remodeled it recently and it is looking amazing…. I went there to get some funky clothes for R and ended up buying stuff for my self at their other store; Yoyamart. I got this beautiful libélula by Tord Boontje . I love it. I am soo happy I found it….pura coincidencia..

Thursday, November 03, 2005

these are a few of my favourite things....

I LOVE making lists... I love making lists of films I like, books I enjoy, things I want to make, places I want to go to, things I want to buy when we are rich, etc..

I am about to start a list on my favourite films for (and as a) kid(s), and of my favourite children's books and illustrators....I am in "all about Rosa" mode... :)

Films - in no particular order-

The Dark Crystal
Time Bandits
The Wizard of Oz
Star Wars
All of Miyazaki - My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke
Pixar - Monsters, The Incredibles (Toy Story - not so much..)
A Nightmare Before Christmas
Legend and Willow - yes, I am a sucker for the medieval-feeling-kind-of-stories... hence I am Lord of the Rings - fan without a doubt.

.... there are a many others.... however it is now 11pm, just finished the "Survivor All Star" season in DVD, and I need to get some sleep... i will add to this list in the days, months and years to come... hopefully others will add their favourites too....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

round about

I am still 20 pounds overweight. Not funny. I guess sitting in your couch nursing does no good to one's bottom. I am trying very hard though, I just came back from karate and I feel great.
Rosa sleeps, I am getting ready to pump and for more Survivor...

it's gonna be a late night....


If I was to ever leave NY, I think that what I would miss the most would be the NY Public Library. Never have I experienced such an amazing service. If I had money to donate I would definitely give it to NYPL. They have a wonderful collection. Their online service is impeccable. I simply love NYPL.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have to admit that we are most certainly hooked to "Survivor". We joined Netlfix when I got pregnant and we embarked ourselves on the mission of watching all the good (and the bad) TV we had missed. First, we wolfed 38+ hours of the history of the second world war in a fascinating documentary called - "The World at War". From then on it was downhill.
So far we have seen, -

24 season 3 - brilliant.
24 season 1 - ok.
24 season 2. great stuff.

The Sopranos - can't remember which seasons... although I absolutely LOVE Gandolfini (his son goes to my karate academy !! :) ) I got tired of the violence and decided to give it a break.

Lost - wow!.....If you think about it, Lost is not that amazing .... however they sure now how to end an episode and leave you breathless.... specially the one that ends the 1 season... I can't wait to get my hands on the 2 season's set of DVD's.

Arrested Development - This is the best comedy I have seen in years... absolutely fantastic... so un-pc.... don’t even get me started... Buster is my favourite, but then Tobias….... oh my... what a treat!

Six Feet Under - I love Ruth and David, Nate depresses the hell out of me and Claire is annoying, yet I have enjoyed every single episode... I am waiting for the last season to become available on DVD.

The L Word - I really liked it…... The women are amazing. great characters... i think my favourite moment was when Kelly Lynch sang “I’m your man” to Pam Grier…

Entourage – only saw the first season and hated it.

Ohhh I almost forgot about The Office.. .. it made me cringe the whole way…. This is also an amazing piece of comedy.. the British version, or course….if you haven’t.. you MUST.

I am sure I am forgetting something…
It’s down to Survivor..
So far....Borneo and Survivor All Stars..
We love it.. so vile.. it pisses me off however that the coolest people get voted out first and we are left watching the rest….In Borneo Gretchen got dumped and my game ended there and then… In Panama.. when Ethan, Kate and Lex were duped I lost interest in the game… I have not yet seen the end, I am hoping Rupert wins…

So, that’s all for today folks.. the postman did not bring any Netflix today... so I am off to bed early...