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Saturday, December 24, 2005

cheeks at the beach

cachetes en la playa 2
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We are down in sunny FL enjoying the nicer weather and not missing NJ/NYC a bit. In fact, I am dreading having to go back and face inhuman temperatures of below 60 degrees F. As I recently told a friend (who has it much worse winter wise since he lives in Romania (god love him)) winter in NYC “is very cold for this southern beau who dreams of sand, beaches, lakes, rivers, swimming togs and flip flops”.

My brother's building has a swimming pool overlooking the bay and just a few blocks away from the beach. We hang out there on the afternoons and enjoy the sun and the view.

I must admit that I missed NY for a split of a second once and that was when I went to buy papaya at “Wild Oats”, South Beach’s version of Whole Foods, and I heard Dean Martin’s voice singing “Let it snow”. The Christmas feeling is just so much nicer over there; the snowmen and the Santas look out of place here while they look so at home in New York……here one could never have “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”……. I missed NY then, but as I stepped outside the store, wearing my flip flops and my swim suit underneath (mind you, everyone here is wearing winter boots???) I realized that if I have to face 6 months of cold I should really be dreaming of a warm Christmas….. and that is exactly what I am doing!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

J's X-mas present

isn't it beautiful?!!!!..... I love this designer

santa maeve

santa maeve
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This picture does not do justice to the beauty of the butterflies mobile that my friend and neighbour Maeve gave me for X-mas. It's sooooooo beautiful. I adore it... the butterflies are so delicate... they have glitter on their wings and everything. I am so happy. I can't wait to hang it... I will wait however until we know whether or not we will be staying at this flat for longer than a couple of months. This incertitude is (quite literally) driving me insane! …specially considering that I want to hang all the nice things that Santa had in store for me this year….

I forgot to mention that J gave me a beautiful lamp for Christmas…. I guess in the same lines of the mobile butterflies….

Anyway there are so many things I want to blog about but haven’t had a second to spare…I hope to make more time in the next couple of days.

For those of you stuck in NY winter, try and stay warm. For those of you stuck in a worse winter – god love you.

Monday, December 12, 2005

easy music

My friend Toto was playing here on sunday evening. Click on "escuchar (mp3 stream 64kbps)". Truly del.icio.us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks Toto. We love you.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

hardrive beeping sound

My computer is beeping. On and off my hardrive has been emitting an awful, nerve wrecking beeeeeeeeep.

My apple warranty expired a month ago. Tekserve suggested, very sensibly that I do backups as often as I could and I have been good at doing them every week, but it seems inevitable: my Mac is about to die.

It saddens me more than anything. I am ready for a new computer, although most likely I will inherit J’s G4 and he will get the G5. The G4 was mine to begin with and then, I do not know how, he convinced me to swap him for his G3. I have learned to love my slightly shabby little Mac though. “Mac and me” have become really close. My guess is that is just a matter of weeks….


Maybe I will start a new year with a new computer…. I’ll wait and see what Santa has in for me this X-mas.

Friday, December 09, 2005

river, river have mercy

Song of the week; Lorelei – The Pogues. I could not love it more if my life depended on it. I am driving J insane because I (following my compulsive and obsessive nature) have not stopped playing it since last night, when I re-discovered it.

So many people have trashed their “Peace & Love” album. I couldn’t care less. I love Shane MacGowan, I love The Pogues and I love Lorelei.

I googled the lyrics and plan on learning them and teach them to Rosa. That way we both can eventually drive daddy mad.

River, river have mercy
Take me down to the sea.....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

girls just wanna have fun.

Ok. So J passed on to me these two great links. One will make you laugh like mad, the other one will make you wonder how it could ever get done.

I am certain that anyone in their right mind will enjoy both sites.

Please click here for a great laugh and click here for a fun interactive experience.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

knitting factory

I am very excited about the gem that I managed to accquire today. Last time I tried to get my hands on a copy I was too late. I often read Jess Hutch's blog and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy her knitted friends.
I can't wait ....

for the love of film

all film lovers M U S T click here

The Joys of being a DaD!

While I read mommy blogs, J loves his daddy blogs. I have read daddy types a couple of times and I find him hilarious, I love his taste and on many occasions we have found his blog very useful. For example his Guide to Men's Rooms With Changing Tables has saved J’s life on more than one occasion.

Other blogs that he recommends are Metro Dad and DadCentric.

Enjoy!…. and pass them on to papa!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Mothers Movement

When you become pregnant, and it still baffles me how marketers know that you are expecting a baby, you start getting all kinds of baby advertisement in your mail. You also receive many magazines and you think, “great, I can get informed about key parenting issues for free”, ha! it doesn’t take one long to realize that these magazines serve only one purpose: sell you baby stuff.

I receive two free magazines in the mail, American Baby and Parenting. Neither one is particularly good, although I have to say I have read a couple of good articles in the American Baby magazine, while the other one is merely an advertising vehicle for the toy industry. I have received four issues of Parenting so far and every single one of them contains a list of the best 10-100 toys of the month…..toys and countless more stuff that you simply NEED to have (or so the say) in order to keep your baby safe from your hazardous home environment and toys you NEED to buy otherwise you would be depriving your child of the stimulation they need to become the next Eisenstein.

I was delighted when I came across, The Mothers Movement Online magazine. It’s highly politicized and is also a particularly good resource for women who are tuned into the politics of being a mother. The MMO’s main focus is to serve as an “open source for information about social, cultural, economic and political issues that impact the well-being of mothers” and to “promote economic and social justice for mothers and others who do the caring work of our society”.

Being a mom changes your life not just your grocery shopping list. The MMO promotes a healthy discussion about the influence of social, economic and cultural conditions on mothers’ daily lives. Some of the articles featured are: Brown people: Parenting, racism and the politics of elementary school , Telling it like it is; Rewriting the "opting out" narrative and Motherhood made me do it! Or, how I became an activist. There seems to have been an article about the father’s rights movement (which I have not read so far) that caused uproar among several fathers and activists. Generally speaking the articles I have read so far seem to have been written by women who are very centered and, who to my view, have good politics.

If you are interested in similar issues I suggest you check out their website.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

say cheez!!

Simon send this mug in the mail the other day. We got such a kick out of it. It's one of those things that will increase in value as the years go by. For the time being its holding my quilting pins. I've got hundreds of them. I intend to finish my mom's quilt before we head down to FL next week. :)

cookie moulds

cookie moulds
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I can't wait to give these to my niece Emily.... I wish I was going to see her over Christmas... I wish we could have a cookie making session in Avonbeg... maybe next year...?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thomas Paul - Victorian plates

I am not certain how I came across Thomas Paul, but it must have been at design*sponge. In any case, ever since I saw these plates I have not stopped thinking about them. Funnily enough I grew up staring at a wall of hanging plates that I swore never to reproduce. Every single aunt has one infamous wall that contains plates from all over the world, some are nice, some are hideous but there are also a few lucky exceptions…. what’s even funnier is that I married a man whose aunts also have walls full of plates…. Yet, no matter how much I am used to seeing them I cannot get used to the concept…. That is, until I saw these plates….. I love them, but they could be too nice to eat in them….what are the options?

lists mania

I mentioned earlier that I have a thing for lists.... well, among the things that I like to write on lists are things I wish for.... I also mentioned in the previous posting that I was thinking of keeping a wish list in my blog - or a list of things I can't get of my mind.....kind of what One Good Bumblebeehas in her own blog....

Well I have added two lists to my links section - one of things that I obsess about for myself and another containing a list of things that I obsess about for Rosa....

I am happy... this is a good way to share things that you love or things you find cool.


ps. this is not necessarily a list of things I want to own.... but I list of things I find fun, cool, wonderful, to expensive to buy, adorable, funky, handy, exquisite...... and yes, some of them I would love to have....... hey.. making lists cost nothing!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

hanging out

hanging out
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When I was pregnant I saw the pink hippo in the window of one of my favourite kid’s stores in NYC = Estella located on 13St and 6 Ave… very near St. Vincent’s Hospital, where my Rosie was born. Anyway, I saw this pink hippo and I fell in love with it. I did not succumb into buying it immediately though, but every time I walked past that shop (I was working near there then and walked by it very often, in fact, too often for my own pocket’s sake) I would look at him/her (haven’t decided on its gender yet) and melt.

I could not resist for very long and one good day I finally I gave in and swiped my already abused card. “I’ll get some miles out of it anyway” I thought to myself as I walked back home thinking where on earth was I going to hide the stuffed pink hippo from J who would most certainly give out to me for spending the money we do not have in things we do not need. I must admit, despite knowing that the stuffed hippo was not an indispensable item, I did not feel very guilty.

I ended up confessing my crime to J, who looked at me (and my bulging belly) and smiled benignly. Ooops I did it again…. I got away with being bold, yeah yeah yeah…

Long story short, seven months later, Simon and Sam come over to visit and they bring Rosa a present. Wrapped in a Estella paper bag came another pink hippo. I admitted to them that I had succumbed into buying such adorable creature earlier this year, but that I had recently walked by the store and saw that they had other adorable creatures that I thought Rosa might like, meaning, other stuff I loved.

So I went in and exchanged my second pink hippo for the jungle monkey. They share a prominent space in Rosa’s drawer, waiting to come out and occupy a prominent place in Rosa’s room, that is, whenever we can afford to move to a bigger apt where she can have her own bedroom.

When I went to exchange the pink hippo I fell madly in love with this cute print. J called it “The Toy’s Getaway”, which made it even more adorable to my eyes. I want it so badly I am considering returning the jungle monkey and use the credit to buy the print. The problem is, I am already in love with the jungle monkey…..

Huge dilemma…

Maybe I will make a column titled “current obsessions” – similar to what One Good Bumblebeehas in her blog… and maybe Santa would get me the print for X-mas….

a girl's survival guide to winter

Sunday I went out shopping with Niamh... it was a great relief to be able to do girly things again.... being a mum can take the girl in you away from you.... but time alone with Niamh (while J and Rosa spent the day at MoMa) proved a success...

First we went to Veselka where I introduced Niamh to one of my favourite winter treats: Ukrainian Borscht. Veselka's Borscht is particularly good. We had double portions accompanied by Ukrainian beer and meatballs… yum, yum!. After we made ourselves fat, shopping for clothes was postponed and we embarked ourselves in the quest of finding a great hat for each other.

You see….. years of winter experience has lead me to believe that a funky hat and pair of fine boots is all a girl really needs to face the harsh winter months …. My eyes have not caught a glimpse of that fine pair that will keep my spirits high in the months to come..…. yet, I will not despair, for I believe there is a pair of red boots awaiting for me to come and get them……On the hat front however, we got lucky !

The postman arrived on Monday with a package for Rosa…. Her godmother sent her the cutest hat and a note that read “Dearest Rosa, Stay warm and adorable and fashionable, all at the same time. Love, aunt Leslie”. Now, isn’t that just perfect timing?