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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good Morning 2006!

Rosa is seven months today!

Our year ended in great style…we woke up in sunny Naples and walked down to the beach to do some shell picking, some swimming and some walking….it was so beautiful.. we even got to see two dolphins playing very close to the beach… Rosa was charming everyone ….she is getting bigger too…(and heavier, mind you)….we had a very relaxed and easy day…

We ended up going to bed at 12.09AM, after playing a few hands of Backgammon (I winning every single hand) and drinking champers (aka – champagne). I was so relieved to receive 2006 in my pajamas while everyone else in this building was “dressed for success”. I loved meeting a few of them in the laundry room while they were frantically drying their favorite shirt while I was doing our beach gear. J & I had a great time, we had bid 2006 farewell during our trip to Naples that proved very relaxing…..

We crossed the Everglades on our way in via route 41. I wish I had Conrad’s ability to narrate so that I could do justice to the astonishing landscape. There is something profoundly romantic about swamps and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The alligators were taking the sun on the side of the road while eagles nested on the top of the trees and many other strange birds hid inside the mangroves watching the cars go by. I was temped to take an air boat tour (and I think I will actually go back and get it) but we were eager to arrive as Rosa was getting impatient in the back seat.

I think I will never forget where I was in 2005. I turned 30 and I had a baby. This has been one of our most beautiful years but also one of the toughest – I am looking forward to 2006 !


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