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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What I owe to 2005 –

All annual-event-compilations should really be done before the year ends, but we were so busy doing nothing in Naples, Fl that I found myself short of time……I feel however, that summary of the year is a must when one hits 30. I no longer remember when it was that we spent that gorgeous summer in Annecy or which year was it that we met Leslie for the first time. …. so here I am twelve later and for all it’s worth, here goes my list……

Mayor events in 2006 –

In February we sold Bola de Nieve, our 1988 Turbo SPG Saab, that was costing us more money than we could afford. It was truly sad to let Bola go, I do not think that I will ever be able to love a car as much as I loved this one, no matter how many times it broke down on me/us.

I turned thirty in April. 3 + 0, ladies and gentleman t h ir t y = 30. I finally hit the third floor and the elevator just won’t stop!……I had built myself up for getting completely hammered and celebrate the End of my youth in great style….instead I ended up drinking ginger ale, falling asleep in Niamh + Billy’s couch and going to bed at 11.30pm. In fairness though, I owe it to Rosa that I did not wake up the day after feeling old, achy and miserably hung-over.

J finished his masters at Columbia in May.

Our first daughter Rosa was born on June 1st 2005 at 10:42am at St, Vincent's hopsital - Manhattan.

J, Niamh, Tony and I successfully pulled together our first film series in our community park this summer.

Maeve and Derek moved from Donegal to our neighborhood with their two clever kids, Aoife and Anthony.

Leslie moved to Chicago in September. :(

I started blogging in October.

Rosa got her American, Irish and Colombian passports.

Our friend Edgard Cobo died of lung cancer at age 30. This was a very sad moment as he was a dear friend.

J & I spent our first Christmas as parents and as much as I dreaded spending it here in the US, away from family and friends, we had a wonderful time. Actually it was good for us to be alone as a family……on holidays…

I feel well rested and I look forward to going back home (NJ/NY) despite the winter…

2005 was a year full of events, some sad but mostly happy for our family. Rosa is our favorite “bundle of joy” and we look forward to the years ahead of us…


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